Detroit Rock City

Detroit Rock City

Submitted by Trey Murphy and Andreas Sjöström

What at first sight looks like a typical New Line Home Video credit easter egg, turns out to be much more upon closer examination.

From the disc’s text main menu select the New Line logo. This will bring up a credit screen. Within this screen highlight the “Angry Monkey” entry and press “Enter”. This will bring up dedicated “Angry Monkey” credits. Select “More” in these credits and you will see some more credits. Now, here comes the hidden feature within the hidden feature… select the word “Facts” in this second screen and you will see an odd film type strip teaching you the facts of life. Press “Enter” every time you want to go to the next picture.

Another one can be found under the credits for “Three Legged Cats Productions”. Go to the fourth screen of these credits and you will be able to select “The Devil Roosevelt” for a picture of the band, as well as the entry “Tim Sullivan” to bring up a picture of co-producer Tim Sullivan with all four Kiss members.

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