Apogee Technology shows off “all-in-one” DVD home theater systems

Apogee Technology, Inc. today announced all-digital amplifier technology and introduction of new digital amplifier
products that will enable manufacturers to integrate multi-channel audio power into a wide range of consumer electronics and computer devices, such as DVD players and digital powered speakers.

Apogee Technology’s Direct Digital Amplification (DDX®) all-digital amplifier solution enables the world’s first pure digital sound capabilities in these devices. This approach completely eliminates the need for digital to analog conversion, enabling digital audio sources to remain digital all the way from source to speakers.

As home theater enters the mainstream market, consumers are demanding products that combine ease-of-use with cutting-edge features — ideally maintaining a pristine digital signal where possible. DDX amplifiers directly convert digital audio into power outputs suitable for driving loudspeakers at very high efficiency without the need for analog conversion. The result is 100% digital sound reproduction and
reduced packaging compared to analog amplifiers that require large heat sinks and power supplies to overcome poor efficiency.

“The holy grail of the CE market is an integrated home theater system — with DDX, a five channel amplifier can be made small enough to fit inside a DVD or almost any speaker enclosure. This gives manufactures the design flexibility and opportunity to develop easy-to-use integrated products that are pure, end-to-end digital,” said David Meyers, Apogee’s Director of Business Development.

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