Anchor Bay to release the Wild Adventure Collection with some familiar faces

In the 60s, Disney released a number of adventure films that made animals the stars of their stories, and I remember being mesemrized by the panoramic beauty of these films. Now, Anchor Bay Entertainment has scheduled some of these films for release on DVD.
On February 22 we will see Charlie The Lonesome Cougar, Nikki: The Wild Dog Of The North and The Legend Of Bobo on DVD!

Charlie The Lonesome Cougar is the story of an orphaned baby cougar who is adopted by a forester. A friendship is formed and soon Charlie makes a new home at the Forester’s local lumber camp, considering himself an indispensable part of the team.

In Nikki: The Wild Dog Of The North, a Hudson Bay trader is accompanied by his Malamute pup during a canoe trip through the Canadian Rockies, when the two of them encounter an orphaned bear cub. He picks up the bear for the travel but when his canoe capsizes, they all are in mortal danger that eventually separates them all.

In The Legend Of Lobo, in the Old West a young wolf is born and soon becomes known for his sense of intelligence and curiosity. With their natural prey driven away by herds of cattle, the wolves are forced to start feeding on the cattle itself and with the death of his parents, Lobo becomes a lone wolf. Soon there is a reward on this one infamous wolf and ranchers from across the country start hunting Lobo down.

All these DVD releases will contain the movie’s original poster art as inlays in the packaging, like the one you can see above.

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