Anchor Bay Entertainment now has the rights to Fulci’s The Beyond

For months we have been following Anchor Bay’s negotiations to license Lucio Fulci’s Zombie epos The Beyond for release on home video here in the US. Finally the negotiations are over and Anchor Bay has the rights to the film for release on VHS and DVD. As usual, Anchor Bay will release the film in its uncut original version. Further details will be announced soon.

On Anchor Bay’s website you can also find some information about the acclaimed television series Crime Story, created by Michael Mann. Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing the original full-length television pilot for the series that was directed by Abel Ferrara and asks customers for their input as to which episodes of the series they would like to see released. Send a short email to Anchor Bay and tell them which episodes you would prefer to see.

Also on their website you can now find the results of their poll they had earlier to find out, which titles from their catalog, DVD owners would like to see released on DVD. I am very happy to see that one of my personal favorites Transylvania 6-5000 actually made it in the front rows.

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