Acer adds InterVideo’s WinDVD software decoder to PC lineup

Acer, Inc. and InterVideo, Inc. announced today that InterVideo’s WinDVD software DVD player would be included in a number of its present and future products, including the Aspire and AcerPower lines beginning immediately. WinDVD will provide Acer customers with the highest-quality, feature-packed DVD software player/decoder on the market.

“InterVideo has emerged as the leader in DVD software playback in video quality, feature set, robustness and support,“” said James Dennis Feely, Product Line Manager for Acer. “The product works on all of the Microsoft’s operating systems and all graphics solutions with a single build and greatly simplifies our manufacturing process. Additionally, InterVideo’s product roadmap and modular architecture provides us with a strong migration path for the future.“”

WinDVD’s long list of impressive features includes an advanced intuitive user interface, software video window scaling, software and hardware sub-picture alpha blending, software video signal de-interlacing, and software color and brightness control. WinDVD has received logo certification by Microsoft’s WHQL labs on numerous occasions, covering a wide variety of systems and components. The product supports Windows 95, 98, 98SE, NT4 and 2000, all on one CD. WinDVD is localized in 24 languages. It includes the ability to playback DVD, SVCD, VCD, MPEG1, MPEG2, MP3, AVI and AC3 files.

WinDVD supports all of the industry-standard DVD APIs, including DirectShow(TM), DirectDraw(TM) and DirectSound(TM), and is legacy compatible with the MCI interactive title standard. In addition, InterVideo has a unique application interface layer to allow WinDVD to quickly support any graphics adapter with DVD hardware-assist features, like motion compensation and IDCT. WinDVD’s architecture is uniquely modular and tightly tailored to the DVD specification and the intricacies of the PC system environment, providing the most seamless navigation experience available. WinDVD is available for licensing to OEMs directly and distribution for system integrators.

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