Universal is preparing an American Pie contest

Today, Universal Home Video will launch a dedicated website in preparation of the upcoming video and DVD release of their their teenage comedy American Pie on December 22.

In time with the release, Universal will initiate the American Pie Master Baker Bake-Off Contest… try to say this name really fast and you will get the intrinsic ambiguity of this title. 😉

The contest is running for quite a while and is rather unique in its nature and tone. Here are some of the rules and outlines of the contest so that you get an idea of what to expect.

Round 1 runs from December 21 to January 31. Enter your most outrageous recipes. This ain’t like nothing Mom ever made! Hot Salty Balls? Fish Tacos? Jerked Chicken? Creamed Puffs? Take a whack at it, but remember: if you won’t eat it, we won’t either! At the end of Round 1, we’ll pick the 25 best, based on name, edibility, originality, humor and outrageousness, and then it’s on to…

The Round 2 kicks in from February 7 to March 6. On February 7, Universal will post a list of the best 25 and will keep it up on the website for a month. Every day you can vote for your 5 persoanl favorites and ask your friends to vote for theirs too – it’s even better with a friend! Each time you drop your ballot, you’ll be entered into a sweepstakes to win a Panasonic DVD player and a bunch of cool DVDs from Universal Studios Home Video, as well as “American Pie” T-shirts, videos, and a bunch of other great crap.

Finally the Master Baker Bake-Off will take place on April 25. The best 5, based on votes, will be flown to LA at Universal’s expense to participate in the Master Baker Bake-Off, where each budding gourmand will whip up their concoctions, where they’ll be tasted (the food, not the cooks) by real-life movie stars, and where the winner will be crowned, “The Master Baker”. The Master Baker will also win a Panasonic PalmTheater DVD Player (the best six inches you’ve ever had in your hand!) and a ton of cool DVDs from Universal Studios Home Video!

There you have it… a Winter cook-out Universal style! And don’t forget to check out our great behind-the-scenes stuff regarding the release, which shows you some of the differences between the movie’s rated and unrated version!

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