Roger Ebert announces his Top Ten movies of the year

Roger Ebert and guest critic Janet Maslin announce their Top Ten Movie Favorites Of The Year On “Roger Ebert & The Movies” that airs on the week of January 1-2, 2000. The nation’s two best-known film critics give their individual picks for the ten best films of 1999 on the nationally syndicated “Roger Ebert & The Movies: The Best of 1999.”

Janet Maslin, who has announced her retirement at the end of the year, will appear on this special edition of “Roger Ebert & The Movies” on the weekend of January 1-2, 2000. It will be her valedictory appearance, selecting the best film of her final year in the influential post. In keeping with the format of special edition shows of years past, Ebert and Maslin will highlight their individual picks for the ten best films of the year on the first episode of the new millennium. The two critics have agreed on four of the year’s top ten movies; however, their individual choices for the number one film of the year are surprising and very different from each other.

Ebert’s selection for the “Best Film of the Year” is “Being John Malkovich” by director Spike Jonze. Ebert explains “I selected this movie because it is a superb example of what I think is the most difficult kind of film to make – a comedy … and I have a hunch that this film will still be delightful at the end of the next century.”
Maslin’s choice for the number one spot is “Topsy-Turvy,” a film she feels is a sheer joy to watch as much as it is an inspirational tale about the late 19th century operetta composers, Gilbert and Sullivan. Maslin noted, “…(the film) is filled to the brim with wisdom and exuberance, it’s a knowing look at life in the theater.”

Ebert continues on with his list of favorites that includes box office successes, such as “American Beauty” along with the critical hit “Three Kings”. However, Ebert was shocked that his choice for the number five slot was a rare boxoffice failure for director Martin Scorsese: “Bringing Out the Dead”. While Maslin agreed with some of Ebert’s choices, her list includes several films that were missing from his. Maslin chose the horror-movie documentary “American Movie” directed by filmmaker Chris Smith for her number eight slot. Her list continues with another film not picked by Ebert, “The Talented Mr. Ripley” by director Anthony Minghella. The four selections Ebert and Maslin have in common are: “The Insider,” “Being John Malkovich,” “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Topsy-Turvy.”

Don’t miss the full listing when the show airs on TV on the weekend of January 1-2!

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