Marantz selects Spatializer N-2-2 for its new DVD Players

Spatializer Audio Laboratories announced today that Marantz has incorporated Spatializer N-2-2(TM) into its new line of DVD players. Three models, DV-4000, DV-7000 and DV-18 will begin shipping worldwide in the first quarter 2000. This design win represents both the first license of Spatializer technology by Marantz and is yet another major global DVD brand to adopt Spatializer’s N-2-2 technology which is fast becoming the de facto virtual surround sound standard in the DVD market.

Spatializer Audio Laboratories, Inc. is a developer, licensor and marketer of next-generation technologies for the
consumer electronics, computing and entertainment industries. The company’s advanced audio technology is incorporated into
consumer electronics audio, video and DVD products from global brand leaders including Toshiba, JVC, Panasonic, Hitachi,
Mitsubishi, Samsung, Sanyo, Goldstar, Emerson, Zenith and Proton and in PC multimedia systems and peripherals from Apple,
Dell, Gateway, Hewlett Packard, Sony, Fujitsu, Seiko-Epson, NEC, Micron and Labtec.

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