Macrovision signs long term agreement with Universal Home Video

Macrovision Corporation and Universal Home Video announced today that they have signed a five-year copy protection agreement. Universal Home Video will continue to apply the Macrovision AntiCopy Process to videocassettes and DVDs distributed throughout the US and Canada.

“We are committed to using available copy protection technology to protect our video releases for the benefit of our retailers and other channel partners, ” said Phil Pictaggi, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Operations. “The Macrovision AntiCopy Process inhibits unauthorized back-to-back copying of prerecorded videocassettes and DVDs, thus helping to maintain the long-term value of Universal’s film library, benefiting the creative community and retailers alike in the form of increased rental and sell-through revenues.”

“Retailers carrying Universal titles will continue to profit from copy protection which is designed to deter casual copying,” said Carol Flaherty, Vice President of Macrovision’s Video Protection Group. “Reduced copying means greater potential sales and profits for retailers who rent and sell copy protected videocassettes and DVDs.”

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