Macrovision and Palm Pictures sign copy protection agreement

Macrovision Corporation announced today that Palm Pictures, has signed a new one-year agreement copy protecting 100% of all of its DVD and VHS titles. Macrovision’s DVD copy protection is designed to prevent unauthorized copying of DVD programming to videocassette without impacting the original picture. It is now used on most DVDs being released and is the only technology that prohibits DVD duplication onto videocassette.

“There are nearly 8 million DVD players and 600 million VCRs installed worldwide. When used in conjunction, these have the potential to make multiple illegal duplications, ” said Richard Matuszak, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Macrovision Corporation. “We are very pleased to offer a solution for Palm Pictures that ensures the security of their movies.”

“Macrovision’s AntiCopy Process is the most effective and widely used technology for preventing unauthorized copying,” said Marvin Gleicher of Palm Pictures. “Our agreement with Macrovision will play an important role in our overall copyright protection plan for our products.” Copy protected titles include DVDs and videocassettes released by Palm Pictures, including titles from Manga Entertainment, Palm’s international animation and live action label.

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