Here’s the latest on Anchor Bay’s release line-up

Anchor Bay Entertainment just informed us about the status of some of their upcoming DVD titles. Moonlighting is almost finished, the pilot which sparked one of the hottest TV successes of all time. “Moonlighting” stars Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd, and the DVD will contain a commentary track by Bruce Willis and creator Glenn Gordon Caron, and for fans of the series, a special treat in the form of Bruce Willis’ original screen tests. The disc will also contain a 12-page booklet with photos, bios, the pilot cast and crew credit list. “Moonlighting” will come to DVD on January 25!

Anchor Bay is also working on the Dan O’Bannon zombie feature Return Of The Living Dead, according to Anchor Bay, one of the most requested titles from the studio’s library. Since there has never been a good letterboxed version of the film, this release from Anchor Bay will surely please fans, as it will come in a brand-new 16×9 enhanced widescreen transfer with a great punk soundtrack! Keep your eyes open for this one somewhen in 2000.

A number of sources reported earlier already that Anchor Bay has recently gained access to the John Woo films A Better Tomorrow and A Better Tomorrow 2. Anchor Bay is currently examining the available materials for the release to see what could potentially be used for a DVD, but either way, expect this to be a hot release with a new transfer and if everything goes well, with a commentary track by John Woo himself! Anchor Bay is also looking to obtain the rights to other John Woo films, but legal issues make this a bit of a tricky undertaking at this point.

We have also just been informed that the upcoming George Romero releases of Martin and Nightriders will feature commentary tracks by George Romero when they will be released in June.

Finally, word also came in that Anchor Bay has just licensed two movies with the talented German actor Klaus Maria Brandauer. Mephisto and Colonel Radl will both make their way to DVD somewhen in 2000.

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