Here’s an exclusive scoop on Universal’s upcoming titles

We have just been able to cast a glimpse into Universal Home Video’s plans for the year 2000. Unfortunately no studio representative was available at the Studio Day gathering a little while ago, which meant no news from Universal at the time, we have been able to get an exclusive scoop at large number of titles that are scheduled for release in the new year.

As we mentioned before in a number of places, Universal is continuing their Classic Monster Collection and has scheduled five additional titles for release. The first one will be The Creature From The Black Lagoon that will be followed by the 1943 version Phantom Of The Opera and The Invisible Man in early 2000. A little later in the year then, we will see releases of It Came From Outer Space, and Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. All titles will be produced by David J. Skal again and include extensive bonus materials, feature commentaries, archival materials and a few surprises…

Throughout the year, Universal will also revisit their Alfred Hitchcock films and long-awaited classic such as The Birds, Marnie and The Man Who Knew Too Much will finally arrive in the months to come. The titles will include extensive bonus materials including documentaries, photo galleries, archival materials and more!

On February 1, 2000, we will see Buffalo 66, the quirky, brilliant and critically-acclaimed feature from writer-director-actor Vincent Gallo, as well as Shattered Image, and Love and Death on Long Island.

February 15 will see the release of Rob Reiner’s The Story Of Us, day and date with the VHS release. The disc will include a 5.1 Dolby Digital and a DTS soundtrack, as well as a commentary track by director Rob Reiner.

And finally on February 29, Universal will add another three titles to their library. The Best Man, the sparkling and insightful comedy about the intimate secrets of a group of successful friends is making its debut day and date and DVD and VHS. Once again, the title will feature a 5.1 Dolby Digital and a DTS soundtrack on the same disc.

A Collector’s Edition of Out of Africa is also coming on February 29 with a commentary track by director Sydney Pollack and a “Making Of” documentary. To round up the releases, Universal also releases a John Belushi Collection consisting of three discs – Animal House Collector’s Edition, 1941 Collector’s Edition and The Blues Brothers Collector’s Edition

Well, if that doesn’t get you going…

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