Henninger produced a new documentary about historic air warfare

Henninger Productions and Henninger Interactive Media, the production and multimedia arms of the Henninger Media Services network, have produced a new documentary on DVD called Top Gun Academy: The Real Story that traces the history of air warfare from World War I through the Vietnam War.

Offering an insightful portrayal of the aviation academy made famous by
the movie “Top Gun”, the non-fiction DVD documentary combines historic
archival footage with contemporary interviews of naval pilots and officers.
Distributed through Winstar Home Video, the DVD was originally produced by
Henninger Productions for the Discovery Channel.

According to John Warren of Henninger Productions, the new DVD provides
military and aviation history buffs with remarkable original and archival
footage all captured on film. “The tremendous capacity of the DVD format
gave us the flexibility to incorporate footage we originally shot from the
USS Roosevelt, the Top Gun School itself and the last Top Gun reunion held
at the Miramar Naval Air Station in San Diego that didn’t make it into the
original program,” Warren said.

“Top Gun Academy: The Real Story” runs just under an hour. However, the
DVD includes nearly 45 extra minutes of additional material such as a
step-by-step walkthrough of a pre-flight check and a documentary promo that
recounts Sen. John McCain’s harrowing escape from a fire aboard the
aircraft carrier USS Forrestal. The DVD also includes black-and-white
footage from the earliest carrier flights through the Vietnam era
(including incredible WWII footage of Japanese kamikaze pilots
dive-bombing) plus an exciting weapons and operation segment. This
additional weapons/operational segment reviews the development and
deployment of various weapons used in air warfare, both planes and

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