Get free DVDs or $20 off from Disney in their latest promotion

For some time already, Disney is running a promotion that could get you two free DVDs if you buy all nine animated classics on DVD, or get one free DVD if you collect five of their animated classics on DVD. You can find out more abouit the promotion o nthe inside of your animated classic DVDs or on Disney’s website.

But that’s not all, Disney is also running another promotion currently through December 24, that could earn you an additional $20. Disney is offering a special $5 rebate on any of their animated classic on DVD through mail-in rebates. The offer is limited to four discs, but saving $5 on each will make a $20 savings in total. All you have to do is to visit this part of their website and print out the mail-in coupon. Put it in an envelope with your proof-of-purchs tabes from the discs and your cash register receipts and simply send it to Disney.

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