Eidos now also has ownership in DVD Express

For a few years now, Eidos, a UK-based computer and video games publisher, has aggressively bought itself marketshare and talent throughout the games industry. Now it seems the stakes have just been put a little higher, as Eidos announced on November 15, 1999 that it has acquired 19.96% of the share capital of Maximum Holdings Inc, a US Internet company specialising in the interactive video games industry. Since Maximum Holdings has recently agreed to merge with DVD Express, as a result of this buyout, Eidos now owns 11.67% (measured on a fully diluted basis) of DVD Express.
Although not too relevant in terms of business for DVD Express at this time, with the expansion of video consoles into the DVD market, this can help DVD Express to further remain on the forefront of things, quickly becoming a driving force in the next generation video games online retail, as they did in the DVD market.

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