DVD Toolbox provides complete DVD-Video production solution

Vitec Multimedia has announced growing support for its newest product, DVD Toolbox, which began shipping in December. Ideal for home DVD-Video production, Vitec’s low-cost software can be combined with Panasonic’s 5.2GB DVD-RAM drive to provide a complete DVD production/storage solution.

The production capabilities of the “DVD Toolbox” allows home PC users to create simple, interactive DVD-Video that can be stored on high-performance rewriteable DVD-RAM media or other removable media. This DVD-Video can be played back full screen with complete motion and in full color with total interactive control. The combination of “DVD Toolbox” and Panasonic’s DVD-RAM drive allows users to be assured that treasured, high-quality corporate or family videos will be available for the next-generation to view.

A simple-user interface was specifically designed for novice videographers. Home or promotional videos can now be downloaded into a home PC, then, easily authored, edited or modified and placed on a wide range of media.
This feature is ideal for producing high quality, interactive presentations, education and promotional users and most other multimedia purposes. Sports teams have embraced this technology in recording and editing, training and game films for players. “DVD Toolbox” presents a wide new avenue of promotion for many markets that cannot afford professional created videos.
The ability to internally create, update or revise video footage is a great advantage for many cost-conscious vertical markets.

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