Columbia TriStar will infest your home with Bats in February

We have just received some additional information for one of Columbia TriStar Home Video’s upcoming releases that we want to share with you. On February 22, Bats will settle in your living room en masse, in a great special edition of this recent horror thriller.

In the sleepy desert town of Gallup, Texas, where unexplained bat attacks have caused several grisly deaths. When night creeps in, swarming hordes of bats fill the darkening sky and invade the town. The bats swoop down and attack every living thing in their path, turning the town into living nightmare where everyone is a target and there is nowhere to hide.

The DVD will include a commentary track featuring the movie’s director Louis Morneau, and actor Lou Diamond Phillips, as well as a featurette named “Bats Abound”, an art gallery with conceptual drawings, a special effects gallery, bloopers, and a storyboard to special effects comparison. As a highlight of this DVD release, the disc will also contain the movie’s isolated music score. The disc will also contain a THX EX enabled sound track that adds an additional rear-center speaker, but is fully backwards compatible with existing 5.1 equipment. “Bats” will be featured in a 16×9 enhanced widescreen presentation and will also contain English subtitles and the film’s theatrical and teaser trailers at a suggested retail price of $24.95.

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