Buena Vista makes long term committment to Marcovision

Macrovision Corporation and Buena Vista Home Entertainment announced today that they have signed a worldwide copy protection technology agreement through 2004. Buena Vista will continue to apply the Macrovision anticopy process to its videocassettes and DVDs during the next five years. This
agreement means that Buena Vista titles, including Disney, Touchstone, Hollywood, Miramax, Dimension, ESPN, and ABC labels will continue to be protected against casual VCR copying.

“Our license with Macrovision represents Buena Vista’s continued effort and strong commitment to protect both our products and our retail partners in this business from piracy and illegal copying,” stated Mitch Koch, General Manager, Buena Vista Home Entertainment in North America. Adding to Mr. Koch’s remarks, Greg Probert, Executive Vice President, Buena Vista Home Entertainment Worldwide, stated, “Buena Vista has always believed in building assets through the ownership of intellectual rights. Macrovision provides an important protection to insure the preservation of our home entertainment

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