WAMO makes Greenleaf Technologies its DVD-ROM encryption of choice

Warner Advanced Media Operations (WAMO) announced today an agreement to incorporate Greenleaf Technologies Corp. into WAMO’s Worldwide Affiliate Program. Based in Austin, Texas, Greenleaf will provide encryption services for DVD-ROM software bundles for WAMO’s Worldwide Affiliate members.

WAMO, Greenleaf and Infogrames (WIG), in combination with BroadcastDVD are currently producing The Big WIG DVD Keeper – the first PC game bundle on DVD. Each episode of the Keeper series will include one or more free games, trial versions of top shelf, new release games with the full versions encrypted on the DVD for purchase via the Internet or by phone. The first installment of the Keeper series includes free versions of Super Bubsy and V-Rally. Available for purchase on the disc is Jack Nicklaus 5, HardBall 6 – 2000 Edition and Test Drive 5.

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