Sharpline Arts unveils new website with more information

As many of you certainly know, Sharpline Arts is a production company behind a number of DVD and Laserdisc special editions, such as the incredible Collector’s Edition of The Thing among many others, and they have also contributed parts to DVDs like the Alien releases from Fox.

The company now unveiled its new corporate website, with more information than ever. Apart from details about current productions they are working on, Sharpline Arts“ new site also features selected Production Journals of titles they were involved in, not unlike our own Production Diaries. With updates once a week, the site will always keep you up to date with the current developments of the company.

Please pay them a visit and take a look at their material, which includes production notes on “Bride Of Re-Animator”, “Salome’s Last Dance”, and “Lair Of The White Worm”.

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