MGM’s James Bond website turns out ot be highly popular attracting 20 million visitors

The legendary James Bond is proving as popular and timeless online as he is on the screen, as more than 20 million visitors in six languages attest in the past month after the unveiling of an innovative new 007/James Bond destination Web site by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.. The huge 400-page site, which highlights The World Is Not Enough, the highly anticipated 19th installment of the world’s most successful film franchise, is groundbreaking among entertainment sites in its massive scope — accessing all 19 Bond films while linking to 007 video, DVD, interactive and other products, as well as current promotional corporate partners — the first of its kind to leverage this much related content.

The site incorporates three key features: a variety of content celebrating “The World Is Not Enough,” which debuts in theaters nationwide November 19, 1999; archive videos and trailers encompassing all 18 previous Bond films; and an interactive adventure that allows fans to live out their own James Bond fantasy.

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