Live webcast with the creators of the Saving Private Ryan DVD

Steve Gustafson and Mark Atkinson, members of Dreamworks’ DVD Production team who created the Saving Private Ryan DVD will be part of an online event on Thursday, November 11, 1999 at 10 p.m. EST. The event is hosted by InsideDVD on their website.

The interview will focus on the creative process of the DVD production of “Saving Private Ryan,” the 5-time Academy Award winning film, including Best Director, Steven Spielberg. Online users will see the interview live from the insideDVD website via Microsoft’s MediaPlayer.

Viewers will be able to ask questions through a special InsideDVD e-mail address and by phone using a toll-free number that will be posted an hour before the event. An autographed copy of the “Saving Private Ryan” DVD by Edward Burns as well movie posters and CD soundtracks will be given away in a random drawing during the interview.

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