Horror Hospital

Horror Hospital (1973)
Elite Entertainment
Cast: Michael Gough
Extras: Theatrical Trailer

Elite Entertainment continues their trend of bringing us high-quality transfers of obscure horror films. This 1973 British film is presented in its letterboxed format with an aspect ratio of 1.85:1 with an accurate framing. The picture is very clear and looks quite nice for a low-budget film from this era. There are some subtle defects apparent in the source print at times, but they are never truly distracting. The film was shot using the 3-strip Eastmancolor method, and the colors literally jump off of the screen. It’s obvious that great care was taken in getting the color balance correct while doing this transfer.

The digital mono sound doesn’t offer much in the way of an exciting sonic experience, but the sound is well-balanced and the dialogue is clear. The only extra on the disc is a theatrical trailer, which is presented full-frame.

The film stars Michael Gough, known as Albert the Butler from the “Batman” films. He plays a mad scientist who runs a health retreat to conducts bizarre experiments on would-be lodgers. The film is very ‘70s British, and despite its reputation for being gory (it’s not), plays more as an exercise in nostalgic camp. The “death car” is something that must be seen to be believed. Full of pasty extras and “free love”, the film is definitely different from the low-budget horror films we see today.