Filter’s Title of DVD is coming on December 7

Warner Reprise Video just announced the December 7th DVD release of Filter’s latest long form visual component entitled Title Of DVD at a suggested retail price of $24.99. Originally released on home video under the title “Phenomenology” in 1995, “Title Of DVD” features the bonus tracks “Welcome To The Fold” and “One,” which are not found on the home video configuration. It is also a companion to Filter’s latest album, “Title Of Record,” and features six of the band’s music videos as well as live performance footage and interviews.

Among the highlights of the disc are the videos for the tracks “Welcome To The Fold,” “One,” “Hey Man Nice Shot,” “Dose,” “Stuck In Here,” “Jurrassitol” and the Electronic Press Kit for the album release of “Title Of Record.”

“Title Of DVD” follows the exploits of current band members Richard Patrick, Geno Lenardo, Frank Cavanagh and Steven Gillis as well as previous band members via interview footage as they discuss such subjects as “Desert Donuts,” “Band Communication” and “Tour Highs.”

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