Escient Digital introduces 200 disc DVD management solution

Exhibiting in Comdex’s “Start-Up City, ” Escient® Digital Storage Group presents PowerFile(TM) C200, the world’s first IEEE-1394 based CD/DVD changer, running on Windows 98 Second Edition and a beta version of Windows 2000. This unique IEEE-1394 peripheral includes two DVD-ROM drives and provides more than one terabyte of digital storage space for a suggested retail price of $1,499. PowerFile(TM) C200 gives users the ability to store and manage a wide variety of productivity and entertainment media, including CD-ROMs,
DVD-ROMs, DVD movies, and music CDs. It was developed with the Small Office/Home Office and workgroup environment in mind. The C200’s powerful capabilities and low price point make it a very compelling and affordable alternative to the existing, higher-priced products currently being used in the enterprise market. Scheduled to ship in Q4 of 1999, pre-orders are now being accepted at Escient Digital Storage Group’s web site.

PowerFile(TM) C200 can distribute media to numerous shared clients over a network. The browser provides each client with a combined list of all media in every changer. Up to sixty-three changers can be daisy-chained together in a tree configuration for media distribution to other workstations throughout a network.

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