DVD Player pricing is reaching an all-time low for the Holidays

As all of you have certainly noticed, prices for DVD players have been dropping continuously since their introduction with models now available under $200. This pricing structure is important for DVD to further grow into the mainstream markets, and this year’s Holiday shopping season we will undoubtedly see an unprecedented high of DVD player sales.

Comjet Information Systems Corporation for example, just announced the release of the DV-A1X DVD Player. The player includes a built-in Dolby Digital 5.1 Decoder, front panel Jog Shuttle for frame-by-frame image preview and an easy-to-hold 40-key remote control with 4X zoom. The new addition to the Comjet family will be offered through traditional distribution channels and over online auctions for the holiday selling season.

The DV-A1X comes bundled with a Value Pak ($125+ value) that includes 15 FREE DVD Movie rentals from DVD Overnight, discounts on movie purchases from DVD Express and substantial discounts from M-2K on DVD titles that are as low as $0.99.

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