Columbia Tristar is releasing The Big Brass Ring in January

As we had announced in our Release Section a little while ago already, on January 11, Columbia Tristar Home Video will release The Big Brass Ring on DVD, a film that is based upon a screenplay by Orson Welles. It is the story of Blake Pellarin who is running for Governor of Missouri in the year 2000 while keeping a steady eye on his real goal – the White House – the
fabled “brass ring.” His father’s ex-lover, surfaces to threaten Blake’s political future with a blackmail photo and scandalous allegations of a neglected sibling. In hopes of placating her, Blake steals his wife Dinah’s million-dollar diamond necklace as a payoff. The situation is further complicated by a European reporter, who is eager to make her mark in the
American news media and an overzealous campaign bodyguard who plans to murder Kim and put the Pellarins in his debt forever.

The Big Brass Ring will contains a commentary track by director George Hickenlooper and co-writer F.X. Feeney, as well as six deleted scenes. Carrying a suggested retail price of $27.95, the DVD will contain a widescreen presentation of the movie and an English lagunage Dolby Surround track, as well as subtiltes in English, Spanish and French.

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