Toshiba Wins Emmy Award for

At a special awards ceremony held last night at the Marriott Marquis
Hotel in New York City, Toshiba Corporation was awarded an Emmy Award for technical achievement in honor of its pioneering
role in the “Development of DVD Technology.” The award was presented by the National Academy of Television Arts and Science.

Toshiba has a long history of envisioning and creating new technologies. The present DVD-Video format, in fact, is based on an original Toshiba proposal and
involved the efforts of more than 100 multimedia engineers spanning more than five years. Throughout the development of DVD, Toshiba led a vast coalition of
hardware and software companies toward the endorsement of a single unified format, which culminated in the adoption of the DVD standard in use today.

In addition to leading in the DVD development effort, Toshiba has also been strongly committed to helping educate Americans about its many lifestyle benefits. The
company’s unique relationship with Time Warner Home Video helped foster both retail support and consumer acceptance for the fledgling format. Furthermore,
Toshiba initiated an intensive media campaign to educate both consumers and the media about the new DVD technology at a time when it had only a handful of

Today, Toshiba continues to further DVD development, recently becoming the first company to announce and ship a progressive scan DVD player. With their
ColorStream PRO progressive scan component video outputs, Toshiba’s new SD9100 and SD5109 DVD players are capable of delivering the most accurate
reproduction of filmed entertainment yet achieved by a home video source component.

Other Emmy Award honorees at the October 11th event included: Teleprompter Corporation, General Instrument Corporation, Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation, British Broadcasting Corporation, Home Box Office, Warner Home Video, Hewlett Packard, Matsushita, Thomcast, Sarnoff, Textronix, Dolby, Sony
and Philips.

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