Some more information on Blockbuster’s Internet plans have appeared

As we had reported a little earlier, Blockbuster has plans to expand its business to the Internet. Although no concrete plans are known at this point, Blockbuster chairman and CEO John Antioco gave a brief outlook on what to expect from Blockbuster’s website in the future.

A re-designed Blockbuster website will go live on November 22 and will offer VHS and DVD titles for sale. To drive additional traffic into their stores, Blockbuster offers all customers buying product from the website free movie and game rentals from their brick-and-mortar stores. Blockbuster will use its own 65 million-name customer database to quickly get the word out about the website, hoping to significantly reduce customer acquisition costs. After all Blockbuster feels it is not setting up a new brand, but is simply moving a household name online.

apart from all that, the newly designed Blockbuster will also give you a look into your local store’s inventory. From the website you will be able to check availability of titles in the store, then place an order online and pick it up in your neighborhood store. “It will just be waiting for you, with your name on it, bagged up and ready to go,” Antioco said.

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