New Line Home Video unveils the details of Detroit Rock City, just in time for Kissmas

The complete details about New Line Home Video’s Detroit Rock City DVD just came in, and it seems that this disc is chock-full with extras and supplements.

“Detroit Rock City” is a coming-of-age comedy arriving on December 21, about four teens who try to get into a KISS concert in 1978 by any means possible. As mentioned earlier, the disc features the KISS performance of “Detroit Rock City” using four different camera angles. It also contains a look at the high-school band “Mystery” play KISS with a multi-angle option to switch over to the studio band lay down the vocals for the song. The Confessional scene contains an extended version of the scene from the film as well as the screen test footage of Sam Huntington (Jam) and Melanie Lynskey (Beth).

There are two navigation options including the standard text-based menus, as well as unique voice prompted menus featuring the cast members that guide users through the menus. This Platinum Series special edition also contains feature-length commentary tracks by all four members of KISS, Director Adam Rifkin and cast and crew members. A behind-the-scenes “making-of” featurette will also be on the disc, containing the official Detroit Rock City video diary and interviews with the cast and crew, including Edward Furlong, Gene Simmons, Lin Shaye, Kevin Corrigan, Giusseppe Andrews, James DeBello, Sam Huntington, Adam Rifkin, Barry Levine and Kathleen Haase. On top of that you will find more than 15 minutes of deleted scenes and behind the scenes footage of KISS, music videos by Everclear and The Donnas, as well as an instructional segment by SongXpress featuring a step-by-step lesson on how to play the KISS song “Rock “N” Roll All Night” on electric guitar.

The disc is rounded off with the original theatrical trailers, a “Script-to-screen” DVD-ROM feature that allows users to read the script as they watch the film, a copy of the “Detroit Rock City” website, E-mail-able trading cards featuring characters from the film, M.A.T.M.O.K. (Mothers Against The Music Of Kiss) spoof newsletters, production notes and biographies.

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