Is there another Blair Witch Project release in the holes?

One of our readers just informed us that he has been able to contact Haxan Films, the people behind this summer’s surprise hit The Blair Witch Project, and we thought you may find it interesting to read what they had to say. According to their email, Haxan Films is planning a Special Edition of the film, that is tentatively scheduled for release next Spring.

According to Haxan films, that release will “most likely have a behind-the-scenes on it, plus more never-before-scenes from the movie. The VHS does have that extra diner scene, but I believe that’s the only one.

As for ”Director’s Cut“, the cut you saw on the movie screen was the Director’s Cut.

There are other, earlier versions of Blair Witch that may eventually show up
over time. (Such as the two-and-a-half-hour cut.)”

Well, it seems that witch is not dead yet… hold on tight for some more scares as Haxan keeps working on home video releases of this film in the future.

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