Fox renames Frankenstein, Missouri to Young Frankenstein, Missouri

To celebrate the 25 1/2 Anniversary of Mel Brooks“ incredible horror comedy Young Frankenstein, Fox Home Video today staged an air drop of 25 and one-half ”Frankensteins“ into the remote and tiny town of Frankenstein, Missouri, population: 30. Effectively doubling the town’s
population, The Flying Frankensteins delivered the first copies of Fox’s special anniversary edition video to residents in celebration of the official renaming of the town to Young Frankenstein, Missouri. Citizens of Frankenstein, Missouri, members of the Missouri Film Commission and Twentieth Century Fox executives were on hand to watch the aerial acrobatics as ”The Flying Frankensteins“ parachuted into the center of town for the official unveiling of the city limits sign, changing the name to Young Frankenstein, Missouri.

This marks the re-release of Young Frankenstein on video as a fully-restored special edition that includes uproarious, behind-the-scenes footage including production outtakes, bloopers and blunders, never-before available on video. It also marks the re-release of the film’s DVD that was originally released about a year ago as one of Fox Home Video’s first DVD entries.

I really wish I could have been there to see this. How often do you get the chance to see ”Flying Frankensteins’ after all?

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