Fox Home Video starts shipping the new Alien Legacy documentary

According to what we hear from some of our readers, it seems that Fox Home Video has finally shipping the remaining Alien Legacy documentary discs. As most of you will remember, initially Fox had limited these discs that were order through mail-in coupons and most of the fans were unable to receive theirs. Fortunately with the help of Sharpline Arts, the folks who created this great documentary, it was possible to convince Fox to create another print of the disc in able to satisfy the huge demand – and Fox listened.

As of this week, it seems Fox is sending out this second batch of discs to all those who have sent in their coupons but never received the disc, so keep your eyes on your mailbox, folks. Something scary is coming your way.

On a sidenote, I’d also like to mention that the disc comes in a simple cardboard sleeve. If you want to create a more presentable case for this extra disc, check out Sharpline Arts’ website, where they have a complete packaging design for you, ready to download and print. Give it a try.

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