Fox Home Video is taking a plunge and goes Apes…

Exciting news for all DVD fans are on their way. Exclusivley we have been able to find our some interesting details about 20th Century Fox Home Video’s plans for 2000. Although their most anticipated titles, the “Star Wars” films are still nowhere to be seen, Fox is preparing some other titles that will have fans salivating.

The Abyss is finally coming in the first quarter of 2000 as a special edition with plenty of extras. It appears as if most, if not all, of the extras from the laserdisc will make it onto this DVD. The disc will be THX certified, but sadly at this point it seems as if the disc will not be 16×9 enhanced.

Fox is also working on releasing the entire Planet Of The Apes series on DVD during the first or second quarter of 2000. All “Planet Of The Apes” films will also be THX certified, and decisions have not been finalized whether the releases will be 16×9 enhanced or not. However, since all of these titles are in very early development stages, with some luck they may actually find their way to the public with anamorphic treatment. Given Fox’s current increase in anamorphic releases, I would be very surprised if these films would not eventually turn out to be 16×9 enhanced, too.

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