DiVaDee presents its new hot website – Episode 2

After long and late hours of work, the folks over at DiVaDee are today unveiling their completely re-designed website, Episode 2. As many of you may know, DiVaDee is one of the leading online retailers for adult DVDs, and has developed a sixth sense for customer demands.

The matrix of the original DiVaDee was founded on the notion of 100% commitment to quality service and quality product, ensuring that DiVaDee customers are the happiest people on earth. DiVaDee ships product the day it’s ordered and answers e-mails the day they are sent. Simply by offering the best adult DVDs on the market and respecting customers, DiVaDee has been able to shed the stigmata associated with adult entertainment products.

DiVaDee Episode 2 features the latest in e-commerce design. With logical navigation options, an incredibly easy-to-use shopping cart, and real-time stock status, DiVaDee has fulfilled the prophecy of online shopping: convenience. Episode 2 also features in-depth product information, real-time bestseller data, and on-the-fly recommendations based on an individual’s preferences.

This sequel of titanic proportions will star the beautiful, animated Diva of the Internet, Diva Dee. Dee will not only escort shoppers through the aisles of DVD, but she will also recommend titles, offer freebies, and present the distinguished Couple’s Choice Award.

Join Dee at the most unique store on the web and see what adult DVD is all about. You may just surf away with a trip to Hawaii, a DVD signed by Jenna Jameson, or even a library of new DVDs. DiVaDee Episode 2 is a must see. This is as good as porn gets … until episode 3, of course.

If you are curious now, please stop by and check out DiVaDee’s re-designed store.

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