Disney puts childrens’ dreams and hopes into a time capsule

In celebration of “Pinocchio”“s first-ever release on DVD, and in honor of the 60th anniversary of “Pinocchio,” the United
and Disney will unveil Pinocchio’s Unity Star, a time
capsule representing the wishes and dreams of children from
around the world for the new millennium, at the United Nations
in New York City on October 23.

Children visiting the United Nations will have the opportunity
to place their wishes in the star time capsule, which will
remain on display at the United Nations from the date of the
event through the end of the 1999 calendar year.

At the close of the century, Pinocchio’s Unity Star will be
housed in a special location at the United Nations for 100
years, until it is reopened on Oct. 23, 2099, providing the
children of the future a glimpse of the wishes and dreams of the
children of the 20th century.

On hand for the festivities will be special celebrity host,
Haley Joel Osment; United Nations VIP’s along with their
families; Disney’s ”animated celebrities“; and the U.N.
Children’s Choir.

The day’s events will kick off with the unveiling of Pinocchio’s
Unity Star by Haley Joel Osment, followed by a ”Pinocchio“ 60th
anniversary celebration, where guests can spend time with
Pinocchio and all of his friends, and enjoy photo opportunities
with their favorite Disney characters, plus attend free
screenings of ”Pinocchio,’ the first in the set of Disney’s
Animated Classics to be released on DVD.

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