Creative Labs ships WinDVD with its products

InterVideo, Inc. today announced that Creative Labs is now bundling WinDVD with a number of its industry leading audio, video and DVD drive products beginning immediately. Initially, WinDVD will be included with the Creative Sound Blaster Live Player 1024 audio card and the PC-DVD Blaster 6x DVD-ROM drive kit in Europe.

WinDVD’s impressive list of features includes an advanced intuitive user interface, software video window scaling, software and hardware sub-picture alpha blending, software video signal de-interlacing, and software color and brightness control. It includes state-of-the-art support for VCD disc and MP3 audio file playback, DVD region control and a powerful and responsive DVD navigator. The software has claimed a number of industry firsts, including support for the Microsoft Windows NT4 OS and multi-channel Dolby Digital(TM) certification.

WinDVD supports all of the industry standard DVD APIs, including DirectShow(TM), DirectDraw(TM) and DirectSound(TM), and is legacy compatible with the MCI interactive title standard. In addition, InterVideo has a unique application interface layer to allow WinDVD to quickly support any graphics adapter with DVD hardware-assist features, like motion compensation and IDCT.

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