Columbia prepares some last-minute Christmas presents on December 21

As we had announced some time earlier already, Columbia TriStar Home Video is releasing four new titles on December 21. Now, the company has made some additional information about those titles available.

The German surprise hit Run Lola Run will be released with a commentary track that features director tom Tykwer as well as lead actress Franka Potente. The disc will also contain Franka Potente’s music video “Believe” together with cast and crew bios.

Set in Berlin, director Tom Tykwer’s Run Lola Run is a breathless, intoxicating film that charts one woman’s desperate attempt to rescue her lover. The film will be features in an anamorphic widescreen transfer as well as a fullscreen presentation in German and English language.

Made Men is the next film on the list, featuring a commentary track by director Louis Morneau, a 30-second TV Spot and cast & crew biographies

“Made Men” stars Jim Belushi in a thriller where he manages to steal $12 million from a bunch of gangsters during his Federal Witness Protection Program. It takes a little more than a fast mouth to get out of that situation. “Made Men” contains the film’s anamorphic widescreen version only and comes with a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital soundtrack.

As you may remember, the Rita Hayworth classic The Loves Of Carmen is also coming on December 21. It is a romantic drama of desire and revenge set in 19th century Spain where a beautiful gypsy girl and a respectable Dragoon soldier ignite the screen with a love affair you’ll never forget.

“The Loves Of Carmen” contains the film’s original fullscreen version and mono soundtracks in English, Spanish and Portuguese. It will also contain a Rita Hayworth Featurette called “The Columbia Lady” and Vintage Advertising Materials from the film.

The last in line is Year Of The Gun about a writer who uses real life terrorist events as a basis for his book… until the manuscript falls into the wrong hands.

“Year Of The Gun”, starring Andrew McCarthy and Sharon Stone, will come in a fullscreen transfer with an English Dolby Surround soundtrack.

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