WinStar Home Video and AFI launch extensive documentary series

WinStar Home Video and The American Film Institute (AFI) have just announced a cooperative release of a 26-part series of titles called “The Directors”. The series profiles today’s most prolific directors and features extensive clips and interviews with Hollywood’s leading stars. The releases are in support of AFI’s mission to advance and preserve the art of the moving image. The non-profit organization is known for its work in film preservation and its recent high profile television specials, and designed to honor the people behind the camera.

On November 23 the first four titles of the series will be released on DVD by WinStar Home Video. John Frankenheimer, the director of films like “Ronin”, and “The Manchurian Candidate”, will be one of the honorees in a 60-minute documentary that allows actors and collaborators like Roy Scheider, Kirk Douglas, Samuel L. Jackson and others to share their thoughts on this high caliber filmmaker. Garry Marshall, director of films like “Pretty Woman” and “Frankie And Johnny” is the second on in the series with interviews by Tom Hanks, Tom Conway, Penny Marshall and others. The third one in the series is JohnMcTiernan, the man who brought us many memorable action films like “Die Hard”, “Predator and ”The Hunt For Red October“. His release will feature interviews with the like of Alec Baldwin, James Earl Jones, Carl Weathers and Bruce Willis. The fourth in the first release line-up is actor-turned-director and George Lucas protege, Ron Howard who directed films like ”Apollo 13“, ”EDtv“, ”Backdraft” and many others. His documentary will also include interviews with Kevin Bacon, his long-time partner Brian Grazer, Tom Hanks, Michael Keaton and many others.

As a lover of movies and the people who make those movies, this series of releases is an exciting line-up to look forward to. Too little is usually said and known about the visionary people behind the camera who drive these projects,. With these releases we will finally get the chance to understand more of the ideals and motivations that makes these directors what they are.

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