Wild Wild West is coming to DVD on November 30

Warner Home Video has just informed us that their $115 million box office hit Wild Wild West is coming to DVD on November 30. Many of you are already waiting for this release, and I am sure you won’t be disappointed by what Warner Home Video has prepared for the film’s fans with this release.

“Wild Wild West” is a fast-paced adventure that mixes comedic wit, retro science fiction and hip-hip savoir-faire, starring Will Smith, Kevin Kline and Salma Hayek.

Priced at $24.98, the DVD will contain a number of supplements, including a 30-minute behind-the-scenes documentary and a full-length audio commentary track by director/producer Barry Sonnenfeld. But you will also be able to find Enrique Iglesias“ music video for his hit single “Bailamos” on the disc, as well as Will Smith’s #1 hit video “Wild Wild West”, with a dedicated making-of-the-music-video documentary.

“Loveless Lair” is the name of a series of brand new separately selectable galleries that will give you a look at the special effects and gadgets used in the film, the costumes and makeup, the real women behind Loveless” ladies, and a close-up look at Dr. Loveless’ evil gadgets. The film’s theatrical trailer and a still gallery will conclude the standard supplements of this DVD.

Did you notice how Warner has been bolstering up the content of their recent day & date releases lately? In what seems to become a standard for Warner Home Video “Wild Wild West” will also contain a number of DVD-ROM supplements apart from regular bonus material, and from their descriptions they sound just as exciting as the disc’s regular features.
Look out for Artemus Gordon’s “Mind Projection Theater”, a virtual tour of a host of behind-the-scenes clips – although no mention is made about the length of these ten different clips. The ROM section will also give you access to two original essays, “TV Shows Adapted Into Features” and “History Of Western Movies”, various trailers and links to websites. But also links to special online events and multiple levels of South Peak Interactive’s computer game “The Steel Assassin” can be found on the disc.

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