We exclusively unveil Universal Home Video’s December releases

We have just received some information on Universal’s complete December DVD line-up. As many of you have certainly noticed, Universal’s line-up for October and November is rather slim compared to their previous batches of 10 or more titles. Sadly December is just as starved as it turns out, but Universal assured us that this drought is only temporary and soon thing will pick up quite a bit again

Let’s go over their releases real quick. There is The Red Violin, the 1998 film by director François Girard, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Greta Scacchi, scheduled for release on December 14. Many of you have certainly read the rumors around the Internet that this film may actually contain both a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital soundtrack as well as a DTS soundtrack on the same disc. According to Universal there are plans the test the waters with such “unified” releases, but we were not able to find out whether “The Red Violin” will be that title or not. Once all the details about these releases become available we will know more.

The rest of the December batch is slated for release on December 21 and will contain a Collector’s Edition of Anerican Pie, a Collector’s Edition of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the 1999 Jim Belushi starrer K-911, and finally the last one in the classic monster series, Dracula. As we had announced much earlier, “Dracula” will be the most sophisticated of all the monster classic releases, featuring the film’s original version, fully restored, as well as the recently done soundtrack by Philip Glass on a separate audio track. But also the Spanish version of the film that was shot at the same time on the same sets will be found on this amazing release.

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