The first workout DVD to hit streets in November – mass market is here

If anyone ever had doubts whether DVD would break into the mass market, the signs are intensifying. Today for example, the first work-out DVD has been announced by a new DVD publisher called Palace Video. Just read on…

America’s best-selling female fitness expert has answered the call of high technology. In the first of several exercise workouts to be released in the new DVD format, Parade Video is debuting Denise Austin’s Tone & Tighten workout at retail on November 2 at a suggested retail price of $24.98.

The program consists of Austin’s eight most popular workouts that target the abs, buns and thighs. In addition to the enhanced image quality, interactive menus and instant chapter access, there’s also an “Ask Denise” bonus chapter featuring answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about health, fitness and overall wellness. And with the speed and ease of DVD chapter access, mixing and matching workouts is as simple as pushing a button. But you still have to move yourself…

Parade Video also has plans for additional DVD releases, such as Simply The Best Sports Bloopers collection, Cal Pozo’s Learn To Dance In
and Salsa titles, plus a DVD version of Power Play, their new movie thriller starring Shannon Tweed.

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