Tai Seng is lowering the prices for Hong Kong imports!

With today’s new title announcement many of you interested readers have certainly noticed that the announced Tai Seng titles carry a $24.95 or $29.95 price tag for the most part. So far Tai Seng’s import titles have been priced at a suggested retail price of $49.95, which made collecting these Hong Kong films impossible for many fans. While at first we thought these new prices may be a mistake, we hooked up with Tai Seng directly to find out what’s behind this step, expecting to hear these releases would be domesticized version with English language tracks only.

The prices are correct, as a Tai Seng representative tells us, and the discs are direct imports from Hong Kong with their original language tracks. Most releases are priced at $24.95, only “Mr. Vampire” and “Fruit Is Swelling” will carry a suggested retail price of $29.95. Tai Seng has also reduced the prices on 8 of their previously released import titles to $29.95 and two of their domestic titles, namely “Man Wanted” and “Organized Crime And Triad Bureau” to $19.95.

This new pricing model is introduced by Tai Seng as a result of changes in the logistics. According to Tai Seng, the cost of importing these Hong Kong DVDs has significantly dropped, to a point where the company can lower the suggested retail price and pass the savings off to the consumer. We and certainly all fans of Hong Kong films truly welcome this significant step by Tai Seng. After all, they slash their prices literally in half!

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