Strangler Of The Swamp

Strangler Of The Swamp (1946)
Image Entertainment
Cast: Charles Middleton, Blake Edwards, Rosemary LaPlanche, Effie Parnell

Following their tradition to add little known and classic film gems to their catalog, Image Entertainment has just released’Strangler of The Swamp“, a small film that doesn’t get seen a lot and practically vanished into obscurity a long time ago.

As was to be expected, significant damage is evident in the print throughout the film from scratch and burn marks to worn out sprocket holes and jumping splices. Noise reduction has been applied to the transfer to rid the film of at least the minor defects and visible grain, but on the downside the result is a very soft and fuzzy looking image that visibly lacks detail throughout. Due to the film’s short running length of only 58 minutes however, Image has been able to use an increased bitrate to compress this film, and the result is a picture that is devoid of compression artifacts and nicely presents what little is left of the film print.
”Strangler Of The Swamp“ contains a mono soundtrack in Dolby Digital and fortunately only a limited amount of noise reduction has been applied to the audio. Although an audible noise floor is evident throughout the film as a result, the overall understandability and clarity of the track remains mostly intact due to the remaining high end.
It would be unrealistic to expect a picture-perfect presentation of a film like ”Strangler Of The Swamp’ on this DVD, but I am glad that Image at least presented what is left of the film in the best possible way. Fans of classic B-horror films, do not pass on this release!