Sharp introduces new DVD player to the market

Recognizing the consumer demand for full-sized DVD players, Sharp is introducing a new full-sized DV-750U DVD player to complement its mini-sized and “Amplitheater-in-a-Box” DVD models. Packed with an abundance of features Sharp’s DV-750U comes with their exclusive Digital Gamma Correction function, Digital Super Picture with Enhanced Noise Reduction, Universal Remote (DVD/TV), Dolby Virtual Surround (Q Sound), and component outputs.

Sharp’s exclusive Digital Gamma Correction feature enhances picture quality by increasing the brightness of dark images to an optimal level. This results in a clearer picture that allows viewers to enjoy movies in all types of lighting environments, even in extremely bright rooms.

Sharp’s new DV-750U features Dolby Digital decoding so viewers can enjoy the impressive cinema-like sound quality that is possible with DVD. In addition, Digital Theater Sound (DTS) compatibility and the unit’s backward compatibility with Dolby Surround Sound components, permits the DV-750U to maximize the high quality surround sound now available in many pre-recorded DVD’s and to fully utilize the newest technology for the best sounding movies and music.

The DV-750U also boasts a Color Separate Video Output, which allows for the highest level of picture quality. Specifically, the output separates the video output signal into three color components (cyan-blue, cyan-red, cyan-yellow), thereby constructing images with much greater color accuracy and definition than previously available in consumer audio visual products.

Scheduled to ship in late August, the estimated retail price of the DV-750U is approximately $499.

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