Princeton Graphic Systems announced progressive DVD player

As the DVD market grows, more and more manuacturers pay attention to it and start adding DVD products to their catalog. Today, Princeton Graphic Systemsannounced the PVD-5000 Progressive DVD Player. The player
progressively streams video from DVD, unlike traditional players that convert the video information into an interlaced NTSC signal. The player will allow viewer-selectable resolutions of native 480p, upconverted 720p or 960p and variable frame rates of up to 120fps. The suggested list price for the player has not yet been determined but the PVD-5000 should become available in the fourth quarter of 1999.

Before you are getting too excited however, here’s a word of heed, progressively scanned images, increased resolutions and higher frame rates can not be displayed on a standard TV set. It will require either a computer monitor or a HDTV set to be able to make use of these functions.

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