Pioneer New Media first to ship 10-speed DVD-ROM drive

The race to deliver faster DVD-ROM drives on almost a monthly basis is heating up again with today’s announcement. So far we have seen a tenfold speed increase in DVD-ROM drives in roughly a year’s time, which is interesting and leaves you wondering, will there be 100x DVD-ROM drvies next year around this time?

Pioneer New Media Technologies Inc. announced today the immediate availability of the industry’s first 10-speed DVD-ROM drive. The fastest DVD-ROM drive on the market, Pioneer’s DVD-114/104S offers speeds that are 10 times (max.) faster than first generation DVD-ROM technology.

Current versions feature an ATAPI interface, which supports PIO mode 4, DMA multi-word mode 2 and Ultra DMA 33. Both slot-load (DVD-104S) and tray-load (DVD-114) options are available. Ultra SCSI drives will be available in late 1999. Pioneer’s slot-in disc mechanism features a chucking system for safer disc loading and unloading. The mechanism grips the disc by both edges without touching the data surfaces and its gentle operation eliminates any risk of damage. In addition, ejected discs are held in the slot with the central hole accessible to allow the discs to be removed without leaving fingerprints
on the data surfaces. Both the slot and tray models provide added flexibility by enabling both horizontal and vertical mounting.

The drive is available now through OEM and distribution channels. The estimated street price is $125.

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