Nightmare Encyclopedia

Nightmare Encyclopedia

Submitted by Dennis Burger

Although not necessarily a hidden feature, we wanted to shed some light on the tricky game on the “Nightmare Encyclopedia” disc that is part of the box set from New Line Home Video.

If you go through the Labyrinth to discover all the bits and pieces of information New Line has placed there, you will eventually end up in front of a locked fire door. Upon activation a series if diamond shapes can be selected in the glass pane of the door. Opening this door is not trivial though, even when trying with all sorts of combinations. Here is how to do it. Select “20” from you remote control. On a Toshiba player you can achieve this by hitting the “+10” key twice and then the zero key. Once you have done this you will get to see the film’s second alternate ending, the one Wes Craven had originally planned for the film.

While on the disc’s main menu you can also select the New Line Logo to bring up a credit screen of all the people involved in this extensive release.

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