Mondo Digital holds a Mario Bava contest to give away five copies of Baron Blood

Fans of revered Italian cult director Mario Bava will be pleased to hear that Baron Blood is finally making it to DVD. To celebrate the event, Mondo Digital is giving away five copies of the release in conjunction with Image Entertainment. Readers will have the opportunity to answer five trivia questions relating to the career of horror pioneer Bava, and winners will be announced after the contest ends on October 5.

“Baron Blood”, released in 1972, stars Joseph Cotten and Elke Sommer in the
bloodcurdling tale of a sadistic baron who returns from the grave and
terrorizes a local village. Packed with gothic atmosphere and rich imagery,
this is a prime example of European terror. The DVD will feature a widescreen
edition of the original uncensored European cut, containing several bits of
bloody mayhem unseen by U.S. audiences, as well as the original music score
by Stelvio Cipriani. Extras include the original U.S. trailer, a gallery of
production and promotional stills, and liner notes by Video Watchdog’s Tim

Around December, Image will also be releasing a special edition of the
original European version of Bava’s Black Sunday (The Mask of Satan),
followed in 2000 by such other titles as Lisa and the Devil, Black Sabbath
(European cut), Kill Baby, Kill!, The Girl Who Knew Too Much (The Evil Eye),
Bay of Blood,
and A Hatchet for the Honeymoon.

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