Here’s some information about The Haunting and The Love Letter

We have just received some more information from the folks over at DreamWorks Home Video regarding two other DVD releases, slated for November 23. The Haunting and The Love Letter will be released day and date with their VHS counterparts, and we have the details for you.

“The Haunting” will be one of DreamWorks’ Signature Selection special editions, and contain the film’s widescreen version in a 16×9 enhanced transfer. It will also contain a commentary track with director Jan DeBont and production designer Eugenio Zanetti which has been completed recently. A number of deleted scenes, also with commentary, two theatrical trailers, biographies and production notes will complement the release. This is not all, but DreamWorks is currently still evaluating and working on some special features for the release, such as a segment to show off the production design from its early beginnings all the way to the final versions as seen in the film. As soon as more of these features will be confirmed we will let you know.

Also coming on November 23 is “The Love Letter”, an overlooked film by director Peter Chan, starring Kate Capshaw, Gloria Stuart, Ellen DeGeneres and Tom Everett Scott. The film will be a standard release from DreamWorks Home Video, featuring a 16×9 enhanced transfer, deleted scenes, trailers, biographies and production notes.

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